Conversion of TKK1980 to ISCO88

Below you can find a Stata do file to code TKK1980 occupational titles by Statistics Finland to ISCO88 occupations. The former occupational coding was used by Statistics Finland until 1995. After conversion it should be trivial to recode ISCO88 codes to many internationally applied occupational classifications and scales. (For instance, see Harry Ganzeboom’s tools or CAMSIS website.)

Please cite to this file as follows:

Jani Erola (2011): A classification key between TKK1980 occupational titles and ISCO88. 4th edition. Research project “Life-course, disadvantageous experiences and socioeconomic inheritance”.  Turku: University of Turku, Department of Social Research. http://users.utu.fi/japeer/ .

Conversion file